Special Needs Adoption and Permanency Services

OUR MISSION: To support children in foster care who have special needs, to decrease the time they wait for permanent families, and to expand the geographical boundaries in which the best adoptive families may be found.

Please note: Ads that appear above are a fundraising tool used by SNAPS. They are not an endorsement by our staff, nor by our Board of Directors for any of the services offered. We neither choose nor control what is listed there. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS. DO NOT use adoption or referral agencies that are not licensed in your state.


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Wednesday's Child SNAPS facilitates youth-specific listings for all ages, which includes a first-person child message and a professional portrait, as well as limited information about each child. Weekly Wednesday's Child television and newspaper profiles also detail the strengths, interests, desires and ongoing work of youth awaiting adoption or guardianship. Child profiles highlight family characteristics and parenting skills each specific child needs. In this way, privacy and emotional safety is respected.

Under the direction of state agencies, SNAPS facilitates adoption promotion efforts. We are not part of the family selection process. State caseworkers will discuss deeper details of a child's history with prospective parents when they have submitted a current home study and if they appear to be a reasonable match for the youth or sibling group. If you need further information about the home study process, please call your state's health and human service agency or the number listed at the end of each child profile.

If you would like to know more about the Idaho Wednesday's Child program, click here.

New Video Format! You'll notice as you watch the Wednesday's Child segments that we're using a new video format. There is a help page linked on that page to give you an explanation of compatibility issues that may arise, but this new video should allow for a better quality and greater device compatibility (including the ability to now view the segments on iPhones/iPads).

Family News! The best part of our job at SNAPS Inc. is hearing that a family has been selected for a pre-adoptive placement. The most exciting news of all is the finalization of an adoption several months later. Whenever possible, we will share both of these events with visitors in our Family News section.







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