Special Needs Adoption and Permanency Services

OUR MISSION: To support children in foster care who have special needs, to decrease the time they wait for permanent families, and to expand the geographical boundaries in which the best adoptive families may be found.

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Age: 13

I like to do the dishes, vacuum, do laundry, and everything that does not have to do with cleaning my bedroom. I have diabetes, can have a temper (sometimes I swear), I am growing my hair out, I have unique style, I like fancy shoes, I almost always am listening to music or singing, and I can sometimes be annoying. I wish that all families could be happy...


Age: 5

Excited about the world around him, Donovan wants to learn it all! Museums, art, history, rocks, and space – any facts can keep this busy boy entertained for hours. Donovan loves to help out around the house, and gets joy from the approving feedback he gets from trusted adults. He wants to please adults and peers. He also likes drawing, building, biking, fishing, camping, animals, and books. Busy families need not be diverted; just being a part of what’s going on around him makes Donovan happy.

Alex & Andy

Ages: 3 - 10

Alex and Andy are two sweet little boys with striking blue eyes and charming smiles. They are looking for a family to show them a loving, stable home where they can grow and thrive. They need a committed family who can understand them individually and be patient and consistent with them.


Age: 6

Sweet Kaden is a loving and soft-spoken boy with a beautiful smile to share. Polite and mild-mannered as he is, Kaden likes to be active, frolicking outside or his favorite – jumping on the trampoline. He enjoys a trip to a local park to play in the fountain. Like many children, he also enjoys playing computer games. Kaden loves Spiderman and race cars – zooooom!


Age: 11

When asked about his ideal adoptive family, Tyron thinks carefully, smiles and then gives a thoughtful answer. He wants parents “who are heartwarming, talented and who I can be mellow with.” He is hoping they will want to play board games with him (his favorite is Sorry!), and that they will happily embrace the sports and outdoor adventures that he so loves. He envisions a home with a big backyard, maybe even an outdoor in-ground pool, and “not-too-city but not-too-country.”


Age: 10

Danny is a kindhearted, easygoing boy who gets along with others. A happy child with a great imagination, Danny likes playing with trains, taking nature walks, and camping. Quite the young performer, he plays the piano and enjoys singing and acting too! Danny is fairly easy to please and finds enjoyment in most things. While he plays well with other kids, he is just as content to entertain himself with no problems. He is an adorable and forthright kid.

Kenny & Isabell

Ages: 6 - 9

Described by their caseworker as "such cute kids", Kenneth or "Kenny", and Isabell are wonderful siblings who have been waiting for that special adoptive home for some time. They are equally good eaters, good sleepers, and good playmates. With big, bright smiles and genuine, affectionate personalities they are sure to win the hearts of all who allow. Kenny's developmental delays and Isabell's speech challenges will require very patient, involved and tolerant adoptive parents with extensive time and attention to share.

Hunter & Payton

Ages: 8 - 10

Hunter and Payton are two very cute young boys who are full of energy and love to play outdoors. The boys have big brown eyes and wonderful smiles. Hunter is the oldest sibling of the boys. He loves sports such as soccer, basketball and football. He loves playing tag and playing at parks. Hunter is more reserved and slow to warm up, but once a relationship is formed he is very kind and affectionate. Hunter also has a bit of an artistic side; he loves to draw, sing, and dance, and especially loves to dance to Katy Perry and Michael Jackson. Hunter says that he would like "a mom and dad that are nice." He also wants to have other kids in the home that are his age, a big yard and a dog to play with!


Age: 15

Kaylee is a lively teenage girl with tons of potential. A bright young lady with an observant, perceptive mind, she has excellent language skills and loves engaging in meaningful conversation with adults. Kaylee says that it is very important to her that adults speak to her directly and honestly. Outgoing, opinionated, determined, and not at all afraid to stand up for what she believes in, Kaylee has the makings of a future leader.


Age: 10

A child that everyone really likes, DeaQuan loves Batman and likes to wear Batman shirts wherever he goes. He also loves music he can sing and dance to and really knows how to get down to a funky beat! Despite the odds against him, he has an ongoing zest for life. He needs a family who will provide him with patience, consistency and trust while challenging DeaQuan to continue to learn to do things for himself and accept him for exactly who he is.

James & Cheyenne

Ages: 13 - 14

James and Cheyenne are two very bonded siblings who have endured a lot of grief and loss in their lives. Their experiences have only brought them closer and made them more appreciative of the relationships they have developed and can count on. They will need experienced, supportive, understanding and consistent parents who can provide them with a safe and permanent home to grow and thrive together as a team.


Age: 9

Amanda is a charming, charismatic, independent, and strong minded little girl who enjoys every opportunity to attract attention. She has done best in environments with high levels of supervision and structure. Amanda is considered highly intelligent; however, she requires specialized services in school to assist with behavioral related challenges.