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Age: 16

Profile provided by NWAE.

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Loyal, kind-hearted, sensitive... This special boy feels deeply about the people that have touched his life in a positive way. James is so eager to find a welcoming forever family who can open their hearts to him with an authentic commitment. The losses and sadness he has faced has strengthened his commitment to his Christian faith, lending him hope for the future.

Similar to many boys his age, James loves to spend time outside or to play video games. He also enjoys gardening and working alongside his foster parents on a multitude of tasks. Fishing is a relatively new passion, and he happily spends time in the outdoors hiking and fishing. Cooking is James' latest indoor love - he is delighted to whip up his signatures specialties for a family meal, that include chicken Alfredo and key lime pie - yum! Indoors, James is up for movies and cartoons, with the "Alpha & Omega" series being his favorite.

James has experienced a significant amount of loss and let-downs in his life, but is buoyed by his spirituality. A big fan of Christian music, he will find it on the radio dial in the car before you know it! His favorite book to read is The Bible, and his favorite colors are red and blue. James currently pictures himself working in the food industry someday. A practical kid, he imagines beginning with a job at a business like Safeway.

James adores the cats in his foster home, and is also a fan of dogs. He savors having a large backyard where he can help tend to the fruits and vegetables his foster family grows. However, most important to James is having the right people around him who understand and love him unconditionally. James is incredibly patient and has a refreshingly big heart. He has said that he would love to have a mom and dad that he could play games with, particularly to throw a ball with or other active, outside activities. James also has fond, long-ago memories of visiting fun destinations like Knott's Berry Farm or Disneyland, places he would relish visiting again. With the support of adoptive parents, there are many new things he would undoubtedly enjoy trying!

Academically, James has made such progress in school focusing his attention and concentrating - things he used to struggle with. His favorite subjects are science and history. He will need parents to support and encourage him academically, especially in strengthening his writing skills. Overall, James' prospective family will need to be able to work closely with the school and with community providers to make sure that he is receiving all the support services he needs and deserves. Due to the wonderful work of his foster parents, he has been making great strides educationally and behaviorally. Although there is the potential that his ability to be fully present in school will be challenged as he balances the transition to adoption, but his improvements over the past two years demonstrate his ability to grow and learn. With the support and guidance of loving parents, James can achieve so much!

James has a younger sister with whom he is very close and bonded. Being the older of the two, James has been a great big brother and is very patient with her. It is the plan that these two will find separate adoptive placements that are relatively close together in proximity so that they can continue to remain connected. It will be imperative that these two continue a relationship together as they have been together all of their lives - and that his adoptive family is willing to help facilitate that. James has also developed a very strong bond with his foster family and it would be beneficial for him to keep this connection and relationship even after he is adopted. James is legally free to be adopted.

James does have some specialized needs and impairments, but has a generally resilient and positive attitude. His behaviors have subdued significantly and are hardly a challenge any more. Though part of his improved behaviors is likely do to maturity, the largest contributor to his ability to regulate has been the support of his current caregivers. His current foster placement implements patience and structure, which James has responded very well to. James can manage most self-care tasks, but with assistance and guidance does much better. Interested adoptive parents can glean a lot of knowledge from his caregiver family which will help strengthen their ability to fully support James, and who will make a smooth transition into adoption.

Socially, James desires and enjoys peer relationships, but is still learning the nuances and subtleties of friendships. James would benefit from healthy family interactions and community activities to expose him to other peers with similar interests, and to help him practice and hone his social skills.

James would do best in a two-parent experienced home, however many family structures will be explored and considered. A slow and thoughtful transition would be very beneficial for James, who is a bit hesitant regarding the idea of adoption. James needs, and deserves, a family that can offer permanency, stability, consistency, and most importantly, unconditional love. Those that know James describe him as a very loving and sweet person. They mention how easy it is to fall in love with this boy's open heart and welcoming smile. Please consider if your family could possibly be the one that answers James' hopes and prayers.

James is available for adoption through the State of Oregon. For contact information, email the Idaho CareLine (please include your city AND zip code) or call 1-800-926-2588.

If you do not have a Home Study, email the Idaho CareLine to request information on how to get started on the adoption process.

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