Special Needs Adoption and Permanency Services

OUR MISSION: To support children in foster care who have special needs, to decrease the time they wait for permanent families, and to expand the geographical boundaries in which the best adoptive families may be found.

Please note: Ads that appear above are a fundraising tool used by SNAPS. They are not an endorsement by our staff, nor by our Board of Directors for any of the services offered. We neither choose nor control what is listed there. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS. DO NOT use adoption or referral agencies that are not licensed in your state.

A Family for Always

Adoption Transitions and Successes

Because people care about outcomes for children they read about on these pages, we will periodically share transition or finalization news whenever it is available. Approximately seventy-five percent of Wednesday's Child participants are welcomed into a committed family--and that's good news. Please remember the other 25 percent who continue to wait in foster care or group homes. Many of them need experienced parents who love teenagers and understand their challenges.

If you have been checking in with our site concerning an individual or sibling group and suddenly notice the profile is missing, that can mean one of several things:

  • The adoption social worker has asked us to remove the listing as a committee begins the family selection process and then a careful transition into a pre-adoptive family.
  • The agency is placing the child with a foster parent who wants to adopt.
  • The youth's listing has been placed on "hold" for a period of time or indefinitely pending needed services. The listing may reappear at a later date.

SNAPS staff and the call line staffare not involved in the selection process. If you or the adoption agencythat prepared your home study have submitted it for consideration but have not heard from the child's adoption social worker, please call thestate agency that received the home study.

Every young person deserves a place to call home
and the support of caring adults.

Below are some of the lives that are being changed for the better by permanent, loving families:

Vivian's Success Story

One of the happiest experiences for caseworkers as well as SNAPS' staff is to hear from families who have adopted or the youth whose life is on a success track because of that choice. Vivian contacted Idaho Wednesday's Child on Facebook with the following message:

"I was a Foster Youth, a part of Wednesday's Child. I went to a great home in Washington and am now a Junior at the University of Washington-Seattle..."

(Read more...)

View the KTVB segment here.

Chris Success Story

When we first met 10 year-old Chris, we were amazed that a boy so young could memorize a street map of his home town and then direct anyone from point A to point B, with turn-by-turn instructions, even if it was clear across town. Having Chris' photographic memory in your car was like having a smart phone with audible GPS,-but Chris was providing this service long before iPhones were a gleam in Steve Job's eye! (read more...)

View the KTVB segment here.

The Drake Family

Troy and Chelsea met Kaneda after she bravely appeared on a Wednesday's Child segment in Boise at the age of 14. In a recent interview with Dee Sarton, Kaneda and her family share the highlights of the rest of that story--how she felt up to that point and how she overcame feelings of hopelessness, abandonment and mistrust. This is a story about restored hope and a shared adoption journey. (Read more here.)

View the KTVB story here.

Mother's Day Success

Kirk and Sharon are celebrating a special Mother’s day this year with an extra member of their family. Shanyia, a 16 year-old teenager, has brought an extra measure of love to every member of her adoptive family since she joined them in 2012. In a letter to Wednesday’s Child, Sharon and Shanyia give us a glimpse into this new family dynamic and some important advice. (Click here for more...)


We appreciate Dane's adoptive folks for sharing the following news about a young man who is dear to our hearts:

Dane is excited but nervous for Christmas. Being part of a family for the holidays has been a lot of mixed emotions. Very nervous waiting for his finalization. It has almost been a year since in his new family, but this will be his first Christmas with his new family. Has a hard time believing that he deserves a family for Christmas. He isn't sure what to expect. Just learning that it's OK to be happy for Christmas, and sometimes thinks it's too good to be true. He is excited about decorating the Christmas tree, and going to look at the lights in town. Christmas is all new to him, and never been something that has been happy or peaceful. Now, having his own family to celebrate with for Christmas, he doesn't even know what to expect. He is learning new family traditions, like hanging up his stocking with his name on it, right next to everyone else in the family. He is excited to shop for other members of the family to pick out special gifts. The family always picks a name off the Christmas giving tree in the mall and help out another family in the community, and they think Dane will really appreciate and enjoy this activity of service. Also excited to go sledding when there is enough snow!

They will be happy to celebrate their finalization on Dec. 18th. Dane is gaining a mom and dad, as well as a big brother. This is the best Christmas present of all!

Lona, Eastin, Onika & Draegon

An update from the children's mom:
The adoption was finalized in January of 2013, and it really has been a blessing! It has certainly been a year of adjustments, but each child has done so well it is hard to believe it has only been one year. It is like we have always been a family. It was certainly a year of firsts - first visit to the beach, first meetings of family, making friends, first sleepovers, first experience having their own rooms and space and first time at camp. We were concerned, since it was such a big change the kids were making; flying nearly across the country to the great unknown. Consistent reassurance and the promise that we were never going to leave them - that we were going to be a family forever - really let them finally relax and be kids. (Click here for more...)

Rachel - Home for the Holidays

In 2011, when we interviewed 13 year-old Desiree about her desire for an adoptive family, her dreams were simple; "People who are fun...a really happy family." Nathan and Tammie Cox and their two young daughters fill that order in a big way. They love playing board games with the kids, laughing and spending time together. When we met them at Pinz, the bowling lanes at WHAHOOZ! Entertainment Center just a few weeks before Christmas, there was an overall sense of peace and mutual respect within this five-member family. They are gentle unassuming people who seem to have a knack for encouraging each child and creating a safe environment. (Read more...)

KTVB Success Story Part 1 | KTVB Success Story Part 2

Kevin (formerly Bradly)

Kevin was legally adopted three days before Christmas in 2008. That occurred more than a year after becoming involved with the Wendy's Wonderful Kids Program, a child-focused intense recruitment program for youths who wait in foster care for permanent families. With the help of two WWK Recruiters within that timeframe, Kevin participated in Wednesday's Child public promotions, even though most of that time he believed he would, in his words, "turn 18 without ever having the family I wanted." (read more...)

Watch Kevin's KTVB Success Story video


Cassandra, or Cassey as she likes to be called by her friends, wanted to share her journey with all the families who might be thinking of adopting older children. She and her family shared the excitement of Cassey's adoption finalization. (Read more...)

View Cassey's KTVB Success story


We recently spent some time with a past Wednesday's Child participant, Grace, and her adoptive family. In the first installment of a two-part series, meet Grace's birth sister as well as her adoptive siblings. They are all members of a remarkable family "team." In part two of KTVB's series, they give helpful advice to families who are considering adoption.

View Grace's success story Part 1 | View Grace's success story Part 2


"I can't believe I will be 18 in a few months, and I finally...just barely...have an adoptive family! I didn't know if it was going to happen, but I'm so glad it is done and over, and I don't have to have a hundred caseworkers in and out of my life!" Ryan's excitement, relief, and independence came through clearly as he spoke with his Wendy's Wonderful Kid's Adoption Recruiter, Sherie Borgquist, while she visited him and his dad, Neil, just a week after his adoption finalized.

Just a year ago, Ryan was living in a group home, struggling in school, and unsure how he was going to realize his dreams of getting a driver's license, a part time, job, graduating from high school, and going on to college to become a Registered Nurse. (Read Ryan's complete story...)

Watch Ryan's success story

Lona, Eastin, Onika & Draegon

Lona, Eastin, Onika and Draegon are four active children who were waiting for their family during the Christmas holiday. A generous Wednesday's Child donor showered them with Christmas gifts that included sturdy roll-along overnight suitcases in which three of the children could trolley prized possessions through a couple of airport terminals to join an adoptive family.

(Read more...)

Sibling Adoption Success

Jason, Shelly and their three older children celebrated two adoption milestones during "Idaho Celebrates Adoption" on November 18, 2011 at the Idaho Supreme Court. It was very close to the two-year mark when their son, Kooper, joined their family. They also recently finalized the adoption of three young sisters who danced their way into their hearts one year ago. Their attraction to these children began through the Idaho Wednesday's Child program. According to Shelly, the bond grows stronger each day with their commitment to taking challenges and triumphs one day at a time." (Read more...)


Life is hard enough when you're a boy who has come from the hard place of abuse or neglect and then lived several years in foster care. When you've moved many times within well-intentioned families, but none of them has really worked out, life can seem so unfair. Waiting for a permanent family, knowing other kids who have been adopted, and dealing with feelings of frustration and sadness are realities for many youth, especially pre-teen and teen-aged boys. (Read more...)

View the KIFI segment.


When Lisa came to the Wednesday's Child program on November 4, 1998, she looked like an adorable 5 year-old child on the outside. The reality was that abusive brain trauma, commonly known as "shaken baby syndrome," had changed the course of her life.

Dressed in a white lace dress and hat, Lisa looked the perfect cherub as she walked into a photography studio to meet Dee Sarton and the KTVB camerman for her Wednesday's Child interview. In reality, Lisa operated cognitively and behaviorally on the level of a toddler. Challenges related to her brain trauma overwhelmed four foster care providers. An active child with high impulsivity and limited attention span, Lisa tested the stamina of photographer Terrell Moffett as she flitted from one place to another in his photography studio. Lisa's portrait truly captured the essence of her happy, irrepressible spirit. (Read the rest of the story...)

View Lisa's KTVB success story


On June 16, 2010, Esteban joined a then recently-widowed single mother and her son, Hayden, who was adopted in his infancy. Laura knew that she liked kids. "I'd raised teenagers and my birth children were off on their own, scattered all across the country. I knew it would have its challenges but could also be rewarding," said Laura. "Hayden saw the Wednesday's Child program on KTVB and said, 'Mom, I want a little brother.' Later, when I saw Esteban's Wednesday's Child interview on Channel 7, I knew there was something very special about him. He loved football, and my father had played football for Notre Dame. I had football in my blood. Living where we do, we could certainly make sure that Esteban got to go to lots of BSU games." (read his story...)

View Estaban's KTVB success story

Kelly and Joe

Sometimes the best adoption placement decision for siblings is within two separate families that can give them the individual attention and support they need, while at the same time preserving and nurturing their sibling bond. Kelly and Joseph (who now goes by Joe) are two such youth. (Read their story.)

Watch the KTVB Success Story

Adoption Success Times Seven!

When Nolan and Mandy Mather became foster parents nearly three years ago, they did so with the goal of nurturing children younger than their own children. "I was afraid of fostering or adopting teens," said Mandy. "Then we did respite a few times. As we got to know older children on a weekend or while their foster parents were out of town, we found out they are not scary at all. We enjoyed them." (read more...)

View their KTVB adoption story

Cermak Family

After an arduous two-year wait to be matched with a legally free child in foster care, John and Debbie Cermak welcomed six year-old David into their family in 2007. Their love for David--a shy boy who loved Batman, playing with cars and video games, and who struggled with social skills, a speech impediment and developmental delays--has been broad and unconditional. David's love for his adoptive parents shines in his eyes and shows in a distinctive grin in every family photo. (read more...)

View their KTVB success story

Coach Family

The Coach family is a Wednesday's Child success of a different sort. John and Amanda were foster parents to a few members of a sibling group of eight children. Brothers and sisters could not be placed together because there simply wasn't space in one home. When we invited the entire family to a Christmas gift unwrapping and cookie decorating session, they agreed to having their Wednesday's Child segment filmed by two reporters. The idea was to cast the widest possible net for one adoptive family that could bring them together under one roof. It would be a tall order to fill. (read more...)

View their KTVB success story

Ravert Family

Every adoption story has a beginning, and the beginning for children in foster care is generally not a happy one. But sometimes the ending makes the beginning seem a little less painful. This is one such story. For the Ravert family, as told by adoptive mom, Kari, their story begins when she and husband Mark lost a baby when she was 40.She was in her 8thmonth of pregnancy, and they were devastated. Kari says, "All my life I had dreams and hopes of being a mom. Mark and I had talked about foster-adoption because he was a foster-adopted child.[Mark can also tell a story about foster adoption that had a happy ending for him!] His mom was a stay-at-home mom and fostered several children. At age 45, I told Mark we better get going on this." (Read the complete story.)

View the KTVB success story segment.


Kolton held onto his dream of a family for many years. At age 14, he was adopted by two parents who intend to help him stay connected with friends and family members who are a part of his life now. KTVB's Dee Sarton was happy to reconnect with Kolton when his adoptive family invited her to visit their home. We hope you enjoy watching this Wednesday's Child segment and reminding yourself that every waiting youth deserves this kind of happy ending...and beginning.

View Kolton's KTVB success story.

McDaniel Family

The McDaniels are not your typical family. Most people would consider a family with 21 adopted children extraordinary. But being different from other families isn't something that's ever bothered parents Tim and Shelly. In fact, they see themselves as a very normal family--just bigger. When Shelly is asked obvious questions by curious people, such as "How do you feed all those kids?" she promptly replies, "Just the same as anyone else. We just cook 50 hamburgers instead of four and use bigger bowls for the other dishes." (Read more...)