One of the children listed has siblings that you are seeking families for individually. Could we adopt all of them to keep them together?

Social workers believe in preserving the sibling bond by keeping siblings together. Sometimes that is not possible because of the severe challenges of one or more of the siblings or because older siblings have requested separate families. For parents who provide a safe, secure and loving environment for their children, it may be hard to understand some of the circumstances children live in prior to coming into care or why they might be more successful living apart, of course with visits and frequent contact with each other. If you are selected as a match for one of these children, the child's social worker will fully disclose all of the history and fully explain why a particular placement decision was made--before you decide to proceed with transitioning a child into your family. In rare cases, the placement family may have the skills, community resources and determination to integrate all siblings into their family. If our profile leaves this possibility open, you can be certain the child's adoption team is hoping you are just that type of family!