Special Needs Adoption and Permanency Services

OUR MISSION: To support children in foster care who have special needs, to decrease the time they wait for permanent families, and to expand the geographical boundaries in which the best adoptive families may be found.

Please note: Ads that appear above are a fundraising tool used by SNAPS. They are not an endorsement by our staff, nor by our Board of Directors for any of the services offered. We neither choose nor control what is listed there. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS. DO NOT use adoption or referral agencies that are not licensed in your state.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the children featured on Idaho's Wednesday's Child programs? (answer)

2. What happened to these children? (answer)

3. What is a home study and why is it necessary? (answer)

4. Who can adopt? (answer)

5. Should I be a foster parent before I adopt? (answer)

6. What is meant by LEGAL RISK? (answer)

7. Can I adopt a child in a different state? (answer)

8. Can I adopt a child of another race? (answer)

9. When I have a current home study, can I apply to Idaho's Wednesday's Child program to adopt one of the children listed on this website? (answer)

10. What part does this program play in adoption if you don't accept applications to adopt? (answer)

11. What is meant by SPECIAL NEEDS? (answer)

12. Are children listed on this website available to families who live in Canada or other countries? (answer)

13. Are babies ever available for adoption through the foster care system? (answer)

14. My elderly parent lives with us. Can we still be foster or adoptive parents? (answer)

15. We are foster parents in another state. I am wondering if we can adopt from Idaho. (answer)

16. We're excited about adopting a child listed on your website, and we want her to join our family as soon as possible. Where do we start? (answer)

17. We should have our home study done within a couple of months. Can we still be considered for children currently on your site? Will anyone talk to us or are they focusing on families who already have that process completed? (answer)

18. Would it be possible for me to be a pen pal to one of these children or some kind of support person while they wait? (answer)

19. We have a completed home study and have left a message for the State caseworker for one of these children. We cannot seem to connect with her. Is there any other way to get through to her or find additional contact numbers? (answer)

20. I have a completed home study in our state of residence. The agency who completed my home study only serves our local counties. Would I have to complete a new home study to adopt a child from your state? (answer)

21. One of the children listed has siblings that you are seeking families for individually. Could we adopt all of them to keep them together? (answer)

22. Is there much opportunity to adopt a toddler or child under 3 years old? Can adoption services for a child like this be nationwide or are they typically statewide? (answer)

23. In Idaho PRIDE parent training is available from the State and from within the private sector. Which course should I take? (answer)

24. What does it cost to adopt a child from foster care? Does it cost more to adopt siblings? (answer)

25. Why are children from Oregon listed on Idaho's Wednesday's Child? (answer)